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The Institute is in a period of hiatus.
To learn more, read
Sarah Laeng-Gilliatt's
May 2006 Letter.

World Trade Organization News

WTO at a Historic Juncture
by Sarah Laeng-Gilliatt

INE's Public Radio Commentaries:
December 15, 2005: Listen, Read
January 6, 2006: Listen, Read

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Download the May 2005 INE Newsletter as a pdf file:
With contributions by Michael Shuman, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Michael Leon-Guerrero, Maude Barlow, Kevin Danaher and Onesimo Hidalgo.


The Institute's Mission

The Institute's mission is to build understanding among the public and among community organizers and activists of the ways by which economic globalization impacts local issues and daily lives. The Institute forms broad alliances across issues and cultures locally to link with international campaigns that counter the consumer monoculture and to research and begin to build a life-affirming economy in northern New Mexico.

The Institute carries out its mission in the following ways:

  • Studying the effects of globalization on New Mexico.
  • Networking between community organizers/activists around these issues.
  • Collaborating with other organizations to counter globalization and build the local.
  • Organizing action-oriented public educational events.
  • Mobilizing the public to become involved in local and international initiatives and campaigns.
  • Publishing occasional papers.
  • Publishing 2 newsletters annually.